Power supply equipment: electric generator sets, indoor and outdoor UPSs, rectifiers, inverters, stabilizers


Maintenance at client

The GES SERVICE specialists issue preventive maintenance programs of the power supply equipment under the property of the clients regardless of the type of equipment, the constructive model or the manufacturer.

The preventive maintenance programs are issued according to the manufacturers’ recommendations considering also our experience related to the behavior under exploitation of the various types of equipment.

The fulfillment of the preventive maintenance program contributes to the increase of the good functioning and may prevent the eventual major defects.

If, during exploitation, accidental breakdown occurs, following the non corresponding exploitation or the wear of the components, the technicians’ intervention is necessary to restore the equipment.

Our mobile teams of technicians and engineers located strategically within the entire territory of the country interfere within the shortest time possible in any geographical area, under any weather conditions, during the working hours and outside it according to the SLA agreed with the beneficiary.

The mobile service teams have the full equipment necessary to act on the spot: tools for electrical and mechanical interventions, diagnosis, measurement and control apparatus, various tests, etc.

Depending on the nature and location of the equipment where intervention is necessary, we travel by the transport means corresponding to the emergency and weather conditions: utility vehicles 4×4, cars, motorcycles, motor boats, helicopters, as well as transport means of personnel and materials able to travel to remote areas without access roads.


Maintenance in repair shops

The equipment that cannot be repaired on the spot will be transported for repair to the repair shops at the office of our company.

For critical applications we ensure the continuity of power supply for our clients’ consumers making them available similar equipment during the repair period of the defect ones.

All preventive or corrective maintenance works are executed according to the regulations in force and benefit from guarantee.

Maintenance of electrical installations

With the help of the mobile service teams, we ensure the preventive and corrective maintenance for the single-phased and three-phased low voltage electrical installations, indoor and outdoor.

Depending on the characteristics of the current electrical installations we issue together with our clients the preventive maintenance programs considering the importance of the consumers serviced – critical or non critical applications.

The preventive maintenance program consists in periodical inspections, checks and measurements of the parameters of the electrical installations and functional checks of the electric apparatus.

Within the preventive maintenance we also carry-out the periodical mandatory tests and checks according to the regulations in force: checking the light signaling electrical system for emergency situations, checking the earthing installations as well as of the lightning protection installations.

The corrective maintenance services supplied by our company consist in remedying the accidental breakdown occurred in indoor or outdoor electrical installations as well as in the distribution and automation panels.

Regardless of the complexity of the situation, we always find professional rapid remedial solutions for any defect.

All preventive or corrective maintenance works are executed according to the regulations in force and benefit from guarantee.