Having wide experience in using the modern technologies, our company supplies specialized consultancy, design, execution, checks, service and maintenance services in the electrical installations and automation field for low and medium voltage and for any power.

Whether it is about a new electrical installation, the modernization of the existent one, or a power upgrade is necessary, we always identify the optimal, performing and safe solution, according to the client’s needs and according strictly to the norms and standards in force.

We offer consultancy, we understand and we fulfill our client’s requirements with every execution and commissioning of the modern electrical installations, adequate and adaptable for future extensions:

  • Uninterruptible power supply and for critical applications
  • Automation, follow-up, command and control industrial installations
  • Transformation stations with the nominal voltage of max 20 kV
  • Low and medium voltage overhead and underground electric branches
  • Earthing installations, lightning protection installations, overvoltage protection installations
  • Power factor correction installations
  • Electric power plant, weak currents and structured cabling
  • Civil and industrial, single phased and three phased electric installations, indoor and outdoor.

Electricity quality

The non corresponding quality of electricity affects significantly the performance of the electrical equipment and installations and may even result in their irremediable breakdown.

The purpose of the analysis regarding the electricity quality is to emphasize the causes of occurrence of breakdown in the client’s installations.

The voltage fluctuations in the National Distribution System trigger major problems in exploiting the electrical equipment and installations.

We hold the expertise in the analysis of low and medium voltage electricity quality. Following the measurements of the quality parameters, we interpret the results recorded, we issue reports accompanied by the diagrams issued by the measurement apparatus and we issue remedial hypothesis and recommendations of the eventual defects.