GES SERVICE supplies services of trials, measurements and low voltage checks in electrical installations, lightning protection installations and earthing installations. The tests are carried-out by our skilled and competent workers for measurements: electricians, foremen and engineers certified by the National Regulatory Authority for Energy from I degree to IVA+IVB degree.

Our mobile teams located within the entire territory of the country are equipped with homologated and standardized corresponding measurement kits according to the regulations in force.

The checks will be made on the start-up of the new electrical installations or on the installation of the electrical equipment, when extensions or modifications of the current installations occur periodically according to the legislation in force.

The periodical checks may be included in the preventive maintenance programs of the electrical installations and equipment issued by our specialists or may be realized punctually upon the beneficiaries’ request.

The initial check of electrical installations is carried-out before start-up and certifies if the execution project was complied with and if the electrical equipment was selected and assembled correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions and to the norms.

The trials consist in checking the continuity of conductors, identification of phases, testing the insulation resistance with increased continuous voltage, measurement of the impedance of the defect loop, checking the efficiency of protection against flaws by automatic supply interruption, as well as functional tests of the commutation, command, driving, interlocking sets, etc

Checking the earth fault installations consists in: measuring the dispersion resistance of the earth ground, checking the corrosion degree of electrodes, of plugs and connections (after 10 years as of the earthing), checking the continuity of the branching connections to the earthing installation (every 5 years), measuring the soil resistivity.

Checking the lightning protection installations consists in: visual checks of connections, of equipotentiality connections, maintenance of the separation distances, checking the physical continuity of conductors and visible components, continuity trials of conductors as well as the measurement of the dispersion resistance of the earth ground

Checking the visual signaling electrical installations of the installations to extinguish fire supposes checking the functioning duration according to the parameters of the hydrant signaling lamps on batteries by simulation with interruption of network supply.

Checking the safety lightning consists in checking the functionality during a sufficient time interval on batteries of each lightning item and of each evacuation signaling by simulation of network supply interruption.

Following the analysis of Automation and Measurement Protective Relays, the testing reports are issued for the installation checked, reports that certify the status of electrical installations and equipment. If non conformities appear, we repair the defects ascertained and resume measurements.