Equipment – infrastructure


GES Service holds the material, financial and human resources necessary to support the “turnkey” delivered projects.

The office of the company has the necessary equipment to carry-out the repair works for the various types of electrical equipment, as well as metallic confections and chippings:

Repair shops for electric generator sets equipped with the professional tools and devices necessary to repair the various types of electric generator sets, regardless of the manufacturer.

Repair shops for UPSs, rectifiers, inverters, equipped with the necessary technology to diagnose and repair any model of equipment.

Shop with electric, automation, command and control switchboards, Automatic Reserve Switching controllers, having the possibility to follow-up remotely, for industrial and residential applications.

Shop for metallic confections and chipping: turning, milling, rectifying, rolling, threading, cutting, bending, electric and argon welding, plasma cutting, hydraulic compression –decompression.

The Logistics Department has storage spaces, cars, utility vehicles, mobile service shops for rapid intervention in any type of location, with difficult access or under special conditions.

Data storage center, underground bunker type construction situated at the office of the company in the low seismic risk area, supplies high safety for data and equipment.

Redundant power supply system with 2N architecture: own transformation station, Diesel electric generator sets for the safe supply, UPS type uninterruptible power supply, electric switchboards with automatic load transfer systems.

Guaranteed and redundant communication solutions by means of optical fiber and radio connections.